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The Stampwallet app is a digital wallet for all your stampcards and loyalty cards in your pocket. A place who has account on Stampwallet can add their loyalty card to the Stampwallet app. A place can be a brand, a store, a restaurant, bar, café, etc. Customers can simply use their Quickscanner and scan the unique QR code of a place and the stamps or points will be added to the correct loyalty card. Also by offering PRO feature, customers can receive points using bluetooth or POS connection.

  • Places can hold benefits of multiple promotion at a same time.
  • You can share your card with your friends and family.
  • Improved transaction based on blockchain, every transaction is verified on different levels.
  • Proclaims personal QR codes for easy invitation.
  • Platform: iOS/ Android
  • Programming Language: Swift / Kotlin
  • Database: SQLite
  • Tools: Xcode / Android Studio


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