Fitness App Development

Fitness Industry is unveiling its outstanding performance day-by-day and with the help of upstanding technologies, Fitness Apps are developed with skill proven features. With the expertise in developing apps as per specific aspects, MobiAppNinjas is accomplishing the demanding technologies. Here we are working on cutting edge technologies to serve our clients as per their demand. The highlights we are accommodating wellness applications are expressed underneath.


Workout Sessions

Get your tutorial videos and audios with exceptional quality features for your workout goals. Also with the calendar support and push notifications so that you will never miss the session by chance.


Personalized plans

Get your fitness plan as per your needs. Everyone has a different body so get personalized plans as per your body needs.


Wearable Integrations

With the help of geolocation find the relevant information about fitness centers in your area.


Activity Tracking

Track the daily measurements of distances, calorie admissions for exercises, for example, resting, strolling, or running.


Direct Consult with Fitness & Nutrition experts

Get direct contact with Fitness experts about information and queries.


Social Media Features

Get advantage of social features for branding your Fitness App.


E-commerce Section

Get the leverage of purchasing fitness and wellness related items from the E-commerce section.


Payment Gateways

Get payment gateways quick, easy, and secure. Permit them to make installments through cards, wallets, and other online installment stages.