Dating Web & App Development

In the world of modernization, technology is making our youth’s dating life much easier than before. Nowadays, dating apps are creating an innovative way in dating for youths, and MobiNinjaApps is developing such customize dating apps with the expertise team. Here we are dealing with front line advances to serve our customers according to their interest.


Social Media Login

Your users get the benefits of signing up with their e-mail id, mobile number, or login via their social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.


User Profile

Your user can create their profile with the customize information like as pictures, age, little brief about themselves in bio, and etc.


Subscription plans

You can provide different rates of subscription plans to your users with proclaiming different benefits of functionalities.


Match Feed

As per user’s interest they will get options in their match feeds.


Swipe Like or Pass

User can choose the person of their interest to interact with them with just one swipe.


Filtered Options

With the help of filter suggestions like as gender, age, locations, interest, etc. your user will get effective results.



For us security is of most extreme significance and all our dating application arrangements are profoundly secure for your users to utilize them.


Push Notification

Your user will get notifications popups for the actions are taken like someone has liked their profile or someone has rejected then they will be notify by app.